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The ITPCLA is a company which promotes the development of export materials and also promotion of trade in the country and the world as a whole. We are committed to enabling a perfect and level playing field of carrying out trade be it inside the country or export. We partner with the international governments in ensuring trade is running on smoothly between or among countries. We are most involved in some of the duties of promoting trade such as:

  • Sharing trade leads. We are a great and responsible source of news regarding new potentials of trade. We have great market analyst who provides our clients with the right information so that they can be able to carry out profitable business thus contributing to the economy of the country. We find and share the different business opportunities where people can invest their money and gain. We do this by analyzing all the facts involved in trading activities.
  • Finding new suppliers. We are responsible for finding the suppliers for our clients. In trade promotion, the businessperson must have the commodities or services to sell. These are one of the most essential aspects in trade. With the help of our workforce, we look for suppliers on behalf of our clients and connect them to the business owners for delivery.
  • Getting and sharing important information regarding demands and offers. We study the different aspects in the market, after doing so we then access the latest information regarding offers or demands, which affects the business. We in turn share this information to our clients thus helping them in carrying out business.

Trade promotion is part of the growth of the economy, which should be taken seriously. In case you are a businessperson ready to do great business with great opportunities, which offers great amounts of profit, you need to contact us so that we can help you with essential market information.